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Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors – Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors. As we age, it goes without saying that our bodies need more attention. This is especially true for our teeth. However, Medicare does not cover most dental care, which contributes to the ten percent of seniors who do not maintain their oral health due to cost.

While some people get dental coverage through pension plans, Medicare Advantage plans with dental plans, or employer-based, private insurance provide a good and affordable way to pay for dental care, both routine and specialty. In this article, we’ll look at some of the broadest dental coverage for older adults and highlight some of our favorite providers.

Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors

Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors

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Dental Insurance 101: A Visual Guide

Unlike going to the dentist, navigating the dental insurance market can be a little nerve-wracking. However, when considering plans, here’s how we picked the best options for seniors:

Savings Tip: If saving money is your biggest concern, check out our deals on affordable dental insurance for seniors.

Spirit Dental offers a large number of dental plans for people of all ages. Although each plan varies slightly in terms of coverage and cost, they all offer full coverage for cleanings and exams. Not all of their plans require a waiting period to start coverage.

Finding a Dentist: Spirit dental plans are underwritten by Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation and use the same dental network. To find an in-network dental care provider, you can use their website and search by zip code.

Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period Of 2023

Filing a Claim: With Spirit Dental, your in-network dentist can submit a claim for you, or you can submit it through their online claims manager.

Out-of-Network Coverage: Most Spirit dental plans offer full coverage through their dental providers. However, some of their plans, like Preferred SEO, allow you to use any provider regardless of network.

Limits: Some Spirit dental plans increase the amount of coverage when you hold the policy for several years. For example, with the Senior Preferred Network, the plan initially covers 10% of major procedures. In the second and third year, the plan covers the main procedures by 50% and then by 60%.

Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors

Himana Dental offers four different dental plans for seniors, with options for preventive care, vision coverage and lifetime deductibles. With a national network of over 270,000 dentists, you can find affordable care that works with their dental policy.

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No Insurance & Low Cost Dental Care: What Are Your Options?

Finding a Dentist: To find dental care with Humana, you can use their online “Find a Dentist” tool. Here you can enter your zip code and find dentists and other dental professionals in the network.

Filing a Claim: Claims can be submitted to Humana online or by traditional mail. In our experience, the electronic claim process is quick and easy as long as you include all required National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) on your claim.

Out-of-Network Coverage: All four Huma dental plans are PPOs, meaning you can use your coverage with any dentist. But seeing an in-network dentist can result in discounts of up to 30 percent.

Limits: Many of the Humane plans have a cash limit that reduces the amount you pay in successive years. For example, with their Loyalty Plus policy, you pay 60 percent of the net cost in the first year of your policy. This will decrease to 45 and then to 30 percent after the second and third year.

Northgate Dental Plan

Wait Times: At Humana, wait times vary by plan. Complete dentistry requires a six-month waiting period for basic procedures and 12 months for major procedures. However, Loyalty Plus has no waiting periods.

Aetna dental insurance for seniors offers three different plans to choose from. Aetna Direct Core PPO comes with lower premiums, while Direct Preferred PPO offers more convenient co-pays for basic procedures like top-ups and withdrawals. They have Preventive Direct, which only covers preventive dental care costs like cleanings.

Finding a Dentist: Athena’s portal is intuitive, allowing members to search from nearly 372,000 professionals by specialty, location and miles to travel.

Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors

Claims: As an industry leader in health insurance, Aetna’s claims and customer service process is one of the best in the business, with technology tools and apps to help you track your claims.

Best Dental Insurance Plans Of 2023

Out-of-Network Coverage: Aetna supports out-of-network coverage, but choosing an out-of-network provider can be more expensive because their costs don’t qualify in Aetna’s negotiated rates.

Restrictions: There are some procedures not covered by Aetna, so it’s a good idea to consult their full list of restrictions. Also, it’s important to note that Aetna insurance is not available in Massachusetts.

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Waiting periods: If you have insurance within 90 days of switching to Aetna, you will waive your waiting period to cover basic and major procedures. Otherwise, you have to wait six months for basic procedures and 12 months for major procedures.

Athena’s strengths are its ease of use and network size. With intuitive online portals, helpful customer service and a network of nearly 400,000 professionals, Aetna is one of the best dental insurance providers around.

Sell Mutual Of Omaha Dental, Vision, And Hearing Insurance

Cigna Dental offers three different plan options for seniors: Preventive Dental, Dental 1000 and Dental 1500, with the lowest premiums starting at $25 per month for those 65 and older. Overall, they are an excellent choice for those looking for basic and preventative care.

Finding a Dentist: Cigna has over 93,000 dentists easily searchable on their database. Cigna also offers a “Bright Score” tool that rates practitioners on affordability and patient experience.

Submitting a claim: Your dentist can submit a claim for you in Cigna’s network, and online claims management and dedicated apps make it easy to track claim status.

Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors

Out-of-Network Coverage: Like most dental plans, out-of-network coverage is available through Cigna, but the cost of care can be higher.

Important Steps For Choosing Dental Insurance

Restrictions: All plans have certain restrictions. For example, a preventive plan covers routine preventive care but nothing else. It is best to consult individual plans for a more detailed explanation of restrictions.

Waiting Periods: If you had 12 consecutive months of dental coverage prior to Cigna Care, you will be exempt from the waiting period. Otherwise, you have to wait six months for basic procedures and 12 months for major procedures like crowns or root canals.

Cigna has something for someone at every level of coverage, from people looking for basic preventive care to advanced procedures. They are among the best dental insurance options available with a simple set of services, a relatively large provider network, and low costs.

Delta Dental is the largest provider of dental insurance in America – primarily through its partnership with AARP – with a customer base of more than 80 million Americans. Because of their affiliation with AARP, Delta Dental offers special services geared toward seniors, unlike seniors. Let’s break down some of Delta’s offerings.

Get Quotes For Senior Dental Insurance

Finding a Dentist: Delta Dental has an easy-to-use online portal to search for dentists in your area based on your dental plan. You can even filter results based on diversity.

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Claims submission: The practitioner handles the claims process for in-network care, and out-of-network claims must be submitted separately.

Out-of-Network Coverage: Delta Dental’s PPO plans don’t overcharge customers who receive out-of-network care, but they still tend to be more expensive. Delta Care USA is an HMO-type plan based on a client receiving care from a primary care dentist, with little flexibility for out-of-network care.

Limitations: Delta teeth limits are usually limited to waiting periods, after which there are certain procedures. Additionally, their basic PPO provides no cover for major procedures. Delta Care USA primarily operates on a co-pay basis for certain procedures, offering fixed costs for everything from cleanings to orthodontics.

American Dental Group Home

Waiting Periods: Delta Dental does not require any waiting periods for preventive care on any of its plans. Basic and major procedures require a six-month waiting period before coverage begins.

UnitedHealthcare dental insurance comes in four different plans. All plans come with minimum waiting periods, hearing health benefits and comprehensive preventive care coverage. Currently, this provider can cover you in 44 states.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for hearing aids, check out our hearing aid guide, as well as the best hearing aids of the year.

Finding a Dentist: You can use their “Find a Doctor” online tool to find an in-network dentist with UnitedHealthcare.

Best Dental Insurance Plans With No Waiting Period Of 2023

Filing a Claim: You can file a claim with UnitedHealthcare by mail or online through their claims manager.

Out-of-Network Coverage: UnitedHealthcare’s dental plans are PPOs, which means you can use any dental provider. However, you will save the most money by using an in-network dentist.

Limitations: The main limitation with UnitedHealthcare is their dose waiting period. Although you don’t have to wait for most services, coverage will increase over time. For example, with their Deluxe Dental plan, basic procedures are covered.

Low Cost Dental Insurance For Seniors

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